The school has 550 students with 8 teachers, 2 female and 6 male. On 30 August 2016 at 10 am to 12 pm, Ousia was supported by the Kitabu-buk Project donation vent. Kitabu donated 217 textbooks in total and 763 scholastic materials including 500 pens from Coco Mat.

The function was graced with the presence of the Kitabu-Buk project staff, Brownie Ebal, the Executive director, Ameso Angela, the deputy Executive Director and Sarah Zawedde, a volunteer with the organisation.

The guest of Honour was Reverend James Edoki, the Parish priest. The Chairman Parents Teachers Association, Mr. Oboi Joseph also graced the event. The donation was received by the Head Teacher, Miss Aguti Florence who thanked the project for selecting Ousia Primary School as its 12th beneficiary.


The pupils were also engaged in a career guidance and advocacy talk to encourage them stay in school. Some of the challenges raised by the students and teachers included; no accommodation for the teachers as they live in grass thatched houses no library in the school, therefore they have just a few book shelves and lack desks for the children to write in school. The students were also asked on why education is important to them. Some of the students stated that it is important so that they can get enrolled at the University, to get knowledge,

To learn and to enable them achieve their future goals. For Agono Helen, education is important because it teaches her good morals. Various pupils highlighted on what they wanted to be in future in regards to being a teacher, nurse and a police man.

The children were encouraged to reach their goals by reading and avoiding bad peer groups, they were also further encouraged to work hard in class and find mentors to help them attain their success. The children expressed their gratitude to Kitabu–Buk project for the books donated that would solve their problem of lack of books and sanitary pads that will enable girls to stay in school.

The Guest of Honour, Reverend James Edoki remarked;

“Special thanks to the Kitabu team, PTA, staff and the pupils who have come today. I thank the youth for trying to lift the standards of the country with the support of the variety of items. We hope God can bless the organisation so that it continues to give more support to more schools and comes back to meet us again.”

The Reverend then gave a closing prayer to officially end the event.img_4905



The school started in 2007 and was built by the Arapai community by the help of World Vision, Uganda. It is a community school fully funded by the parents in the community. It was built to help reduce the levels of illiteracy in the area. It has recently been registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports. The school has 213 students and 16 teachers. In 2016, there are 42 candidates.

On 29 August 2016 Dakabela Comprehensive Secondary School was graced with a donation event from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm from Kiatbu-Buk project a local Ugandan Youth founded Organisation in Uganda. The organisation donated 288 text books and 310 scholastic materials to the school.

The function was graced with the presence of the Kitabu-Buk project staff, Brownie Ebal, the Executive director, Ameso Angela, the deputy Executive Director and Sarah Zawedde, a volunteer with the organisation.

The function was graced by the LCV councillor, Mrs. Agumo Jennifer as the Guest of Honour. In attendance was the LCIII Chairman; Mr. Emetu Simon Peter. Also in attendance was the DOS, Mr. Anywar Peter and Mrs. Ayeto Mary, Board member.

The Deputy Head teacher Mr. Odeke Benjamin received the donation on behalf of the school. In his remarks he highlighted some of the challenges facing the school these included the invasion by LRA soldiers at the school which led to displacement of children. He appreciated the donation given to the school as it would help change the attitude of the students to achieve more, enable them acquire new knowledge and facilitate research by the students. The students also mentioned a few challenges they faced in school like lack of school fees, no light in classrooms and few books. Parents like Mr. Agudi Joseph highlighted the need for construction of more classes and more structures to accommodate the teachers, lack of a fence and hence a lot of trespassers and the lack of financial support to have study tours.

Some of the solutions proposed were to register the school as a government school so as to help with payment of teachers. Members of the Kitabu team urged the students to form an alumni association to enable them encourage students to stay in school and help fundraise for the school. They also encouraged children to become more entrepreneurial so as to raise money for school fees and other activities.

The Guest of honour remarked;

“We would like to thank Kitabu-Buk project for this initiative. We hope we can have more continuous sessions of career guidance and teacher trainings so as to help the school excel.”

She also urged that sign posts be placed around the school reminding the students of why they are in school. The function was then closed by a play by the students showing the need for children to remain focused in order to achieve their goals.


Touching lives at Aliloi Primary School, Soroti

Aliloi Primary school was started in 2000, as a local initiative of the parents in the area of Arapai to reduce the illiteracy rate in the area. It is a community school solely, financed by parents. It has a population of 360 children, 170 boys and 205 girls. The school has nine teachers. There are more girls than boys in school; therefore the girl child is gaining access to education. On 29 August 2016, Kitabu-Buk Project held a donation event from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm at Aliloi primary School in Arapai Sub County.

The function was graced with the presence of the Kitabu-Buk project staff, Brownie Ebal, the Executive director, Ameso Angela, the deputy Executive Director and Sarah Zawedde, a volunteer with the organisation. The school was supported with 219 text books from the Kitabu-Buk project and 764 scholastic materials including 500 pens from Coco Mat.

The function was graced by the LCV councillor, Mrs. Agumo Jennifer as the Guest of Honour. In attendance was the LCIII Chairman; Mr. Emetu Simon Peter, the Chairman LCI; Mr. Ejok Julius, the Chairman SMC, Mr. Ebuk Emanuel and the Chairman PTA, Mr. Achulet J and a few parents.

The donation was received by Mr. Omoding Emeru George, the head Teacher, Aliloi Primary School. In his welcoming remarks, he thanked Kitabu-Buk project for choosing his school to benefit from his donation. He also highlighted the challenges faced by the school like no classrooms thus children have to study under trees and grass thatched houses, no accommodation for the teachers, no latrines available and difficulty in parents paying school fees for children.

The Guest of Honour Mrs. Agumo Jennifer remarked,

“I encourage the girl child to stay in school and I am very happy that sanitary pads have been donated. I encourage more advocacy classes to be done so that youths are brought to inspire other youth to study.”

She also hinted on some of the challenges affecting education in the district like early marriages and lack of role models. She offered solutions to some of the problems facing children like building classrooms as they are in grass thatched houses, she also urged other NGOs that offer career guidance to the children to come to the schools to inspire children to stay in school especially girls.

The Kitabu team during the career guidance session encouraged girls to stay in school and pursue education so that they can become successful in future.

Supporting the slum children of Bukasa Primary School

Students of Bukasa Primary School, Muyenga in Kampala District have been the beneficiaries of Kitabu-Buk Project. Bukasa Primary School is a Universal Primary School located in Makindye Division, Bukasa Parish. The school supports a total population of 708 students.

Kitabu-buk Project is a youth founded registered Organization that basically promotes the quality of Education through advocacy and donation of text books and scholastic materials to Universal Secondary and Primary Schools across the country.

On the 5th of March, students at Bukasa Primary School were over whelmed with happiness when they received gifts of two hundred text  books with one hundred fifty scholastic materials worth four million thirty thousand Uganda shillings from the Kitabu-Buk Project. The deputy Head teacher Ms. Kobusinge Jessica upon receiving these items remarked’’ Today’s youth are a milestone for future development, we are very happy with what the Kitabu-buk Project is doing in this country.’’ The event was graced with parents, PTA membership, and the area L.C III Representative as the Guest of Honor.

The school didn’t only benefit from the Organization in terms of tangible materials but also got inspirational  advice from the Kitabu-buk Project  officials. In attendance from the Kitabu-buk Project was Mr. Opio David, the Logistics Manager and Volunteers Mr. Hilary Nkurinamanyire, Ms. Sarah Zawedde, Ms. Sheila K, and Mr. Raymond Kakande. The team took the students through an  answer and question session where they got to interact with the learners about the challenges they face while at school, what solutions to curb down the challenges identified.

The parents were also brought on board and asked to be interactive and be involved in their children’s Education. ‘ The parents role in bringing up a child is a continuous process, so parents you should get involved in your child’s Education’ the Deputy Executive Director Kitabu-buk Project, Ms. Angela Ameso remarked.

The Guest Of Honor remarkably thanked the officials from Kitabu-buk Project for their concern about the needs of the  young and school going Children.

This is a clear manifestation that youth are tomorrow’s leaders, I urge you to take the same initiative to other schools and other brothers that are needy. I am so humbled by this gesture.’ The Guest of Honour concluded.


IMG_6208 IMG_6150
Kitabu-buk project is a registered youth founded NGO with the main objective of promoting quality Education. The organization which was founded by Brownie Ebal and Ameso Angela has grown to touch children’s lives in many ways more than one. The project started as an initiative by Brownie and Angela, ambassadors at “A world At School”, a UN project launched by the UN secretary General Ban KI Moon and the UN Special envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown to promote the MDGs.
On the 19th of October 2015, the Kitabu-Buk project held donation events at Zorooma primary school and St. Charles Lwanga Secondary school in Kanungu district. The guest of honor was Mrs. Sylvia Alinaitwe, the Finance Director National Water and Sewerage Corporation. Zorooma Primary school was handed 869 text books, 125 pens, 12 packets of pencils, a dozen rubbers and learning letters for lower primary. Primary seven pupils received 42 mathematical sets in preparation for their Primary Leaving Examinations. St. Charles Lwanga received 268 text books to better their learning experience.
In addition to the scholastic donations, Officials from Kitabu-Buk Project engaged the audience which comprised of the District officials, school officials, parents, and students in sensitization program. The sessions comprised 3 topical areas: the importance of education, challenges faced by stakeholders, and solutions.
The sessions were spearheaded by Sarah Zaweede, Hillary Kurinamanyire, Angela Ameso, and Brownie Ebal, who are all Kitabu-Buk officials. During the interactions, students shared the benefits of education as a key to success, a window of hope and opportunity, and shapes children to be outstanding citizens of this country. Grievances that were noted include: lack of scholastic materials, domestic violence, bullying, early pregnancies, lack of school fees and disrespect for teachers by students.
The CEO, Miss Brownie Ebal took the learners through a session which included identifying the solutions to the above challenges. Kitabu-Buk Project tacked the problem of lack of scholastic materials through availing some textbooks and other materials to the students. The students were encouraged to keep on believing in themselves and be self-confident so as to achieve their dreams despite bullying. The parents were also urged to resolve conflicts with their children through peaceful dialogue rather than physical attacks. The ladies were cautioned to stay in school and focus on their education in order to reduce having early sexual encounters. They were also told to abstain from sex and protect themselves from HIV. The students were told to respect all their elders so as to prosper in future. They were urged to find suitable mentors so as to have goals and vision for their lives.
The Chief Executive Officer, Kitabu- Buk project, Miss Brownie Ebal remarked, “The youth can make a difference in the lives of many. Kitabu-Buk project a testimony to that. I thank all the Kitabu-Buk project members and volunteers for making this event a success. The kitabu-Buk Project family is very grateful to our sponsors for the success of this event, Ms Slyivia Alinitwe, World Vision, MK book publishers, Dr. Eng. Christopher Ebal, our patron, Mrs. Joyce Ebal, Nabisunsa Girl’s School, Apple kids Nursery school, Pepsi and individual donors for their contributions.”
Mrs. Syliva Alinatiwe, the Guest of Honor made closing remarks, “I am very grateful for the initiative started by the youth to make Uganda’s education better. This will help the marginalized communities. I am overwhelmed by the dedication and patriotism expressed by these young people. I urge the different private entities to engage in more Corporate Social Responsibility activities s as to make a positive impact in our society. The youth are the leaders of today.”



IMG_6919 IMG_6740
Kitabu-Buk project on 201th October 2015, held a donation event at Bulembia primary school , Kasese. This particular Primary school is located in the foot slopes of Mt Rwenzori Kilembe mines in Kasese district. The school has been hit by floods in recent times. . On 1st May 2013 and on the morning of 8th May 2014, the banks of river Nyamwamba flooded into Bulembia primary school leaving the whole area devastated. Structures were destroyed, books were washed away and nothing was left to chance by these floods. Through the help of various organisations, the school has been trying to recover. Kitabu- Buk project therefore identified this school as a target beneficiary for these materials.
The Kitabu-buk Project is a youth led organization founded by Brownie Ebal and Ameso Angela on the principle to promote quality Education. This they do by donating text books and scholastic materials to UPE and USE schools in the country, advocacy for quality Education which they do through career awareness, sensitization on the importance of Education, challenges that young people go through while at school and suggested recommendations.
In attendance were the Local Chairperson III, the chairman of the Parents Teachers Assocition and the municipal Education officer, who officiated the event. Ms. Sarah Zawedde and Hilary Kurinamanyire, Brownie Ebal, Angela Ameso who are Kitabu-Buk officials sensitized the learners.
The organization donated 815 text books and 68 mathematical sets were handed to P.7 candidates. 125 pens and other scholastic materials were also added to the list of donations. The C E.O, Miss. Brownie Ebal, officially handed over the books to the school Head Teacher, Mr. Africano.
Besides the tangible gifts, the school also received inspirational advice and sole encouragement to stay in school despite the challenges they were facing. Ms. Ameso Angela, the deputy Chief Executive Officer, told the learners about similar life experiences she had gone through, to encourage them stay in school. One of the challenges Bulembia faces is bad weather which is often accompanied by floods.
Among the solutions cited, the PTA chairman of the school urged the government to relocate the school to a more suitable location to avoid floods. Kitabu- Buk Project urged the community to start a petition and present it to the President through the Ministry of Education to have their school relocated. This would reduce the level of school drop-outs and the uncertainty associated with studying at Bulembia Primary School.
Other challenges faced by the pupils and community included; lack of school fees associated with the poor prices of coffee. The Kitabu- Buk project team advised the parents to get involved in different money-making interventions like making handcrafts so as to sell to the tourists that come to visit Kasese mines. The team also advised the children to help their parents to devise entrepreneurial activities to increase income for their families. The students were cautioned to obey and respect their parents and teachers so as to have a brighter future.
The CEO, Browni Ebal remarked, “Kitabu-Buk Project is a manifestation that the youth in Uganda are the leaders of today. We would love to thank our donors; Mrs. Sylvia Alinaitwe, Pepsi, World Vision, Dr. Eng. Cristopher Ebal, Our patron, Miss Joyce Ebal, Mk Book Publishers, Nabisunsa Girl’s School, Apple Kids Nursery School and all our individual donors and members of Kitabu-Buk Project.”
The guest of honor, The Local Chairperson III remarked, “We are honored by the kind gesture of Kitabu-Buk project that chose Bulembia Primary School as a beneficiary. We urge them to visit more schools in kasese and the Western Region. We are grateful that the youth who have founded such a young and energetic NGO are giving back to their country at large.”


Volunteer induction

WE would love to thank all our volunteers who came on board for our induction meeting. We were very excited!!! Hilary,Nona, Sheila, Irene and Edline. Thanks for learnig about Kitabu and welcome to the family!!! We are glad we met you!!! Hope to change children’s lives together:))…IMG-20150921-WA0021IMG-20150921-WA0021 IMG-20150921-WA0019